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To Westgate Park on the Punt

Saturday 20 March 2021. Today we cycled to Spotswood to take the Westgate Punt across the Yarra River to Westgate Park. The Westgate Punt operates between Spotswood Jetty, immediately in front of Scienceworks, and Westgate Landing in Fishermans Bend (irritatingly spelt without the apostrophe). During the week the Punt runs as a scheduled service but […]

Organ Pipes National Park, Keilor North

Sunday 21 February 2021. Today, a cool day towards the end of what has been a cool summer, we visited the small but perfect Organ Pipes National Park for the first time in ten or so years. The closest national park to central Melbourne lies on the edge of Victoria’s Western Volcanic Plain, which stretches […]

A walk to Two Bays Lookout, Edwards Point, Bellarine Peninsula

Sunday 24 January 2021. Jet skis are more than a little irritating. They’re noisy, they’re polluting and they’re dangerous. And on the day of our visit to Swan Bay-Edwards Point Wildlife Reserve, occupying a sand spit – Edwards Point – to the south of St. Leonards on the Bellarine Peninsula, they were legion. We could […]

The Handels in Italy

A day out in Rome

Monday 2 December 2019. It was the first morning of the Handels’ six-week tour of Europe and Britain and we were in Rome. Rome is a fabulous city for walking. The main sites of interest for the tourist are conveniently clustered in the Centro Historico, the historical centre. We were staying in Trastevere, a wonderful […]

To Trevi Fountain and beyond…

Tuesday 3 December 2019. On our second full day in Rome, we set out from our apartment in a lovely old building on Piazza dei Mercanti, Trastevere, to see some of the major sites of the Centro Storico. Crossing Viale di Trastevere, we headed for the interesting Basilica di Santa Maria, built on the site […]

A bike ride along the Via Appia Antica

Thursday 5 December 2019. Via Appia (“Appian Way”) was originally a Roman road that ran from the Roman Forum to Brindisi. Today, Via Appia Antica (“Old Appian Way”) runs within an archaeological park for some 15 kilometres from Porta San Sebastiano to Frattocchie. It is peaceful once you’ve left car traffic behind (more or less […]

The Handels in Germany

A Christmas Eve walk in Frohnau

Tuesday 24 December 2019. During the Berlin leg of our winter 2019–20 holiday we stayed in Frohnau, a lovely suburb on the city’s northern fringe, full of large houses and tree-lined streets. There are large areas of forest to the south-west – and to the north-east, through which formerly ran the Berlin Wall. Now, in […]

A day out in Schiltach

Wednesday 18 December 2019. Schiltach, in Germany’s Black Forest region, is possibly the most attractive town we visited during our trip to Europe and the UK. Shaped something like a fluttering ‘T’, Schiltach is spread out photogenically along the Kinzig river and its tributary the Schiltach. It boasts a rather gorgeous old town and lovely […]

A walk in the Black Forest

Monday 16 December 2019. Before December 2019 we had never been to the Black Forest before and were looking forward to our visit immensely. We stayed for six nights in the completely delightful small town of Gengenbach on the Kinzig river. On our first morning we set out for the Jakobuskapelle, the small white chapel […]

The Handels in England

A walk from Woodhenge to Stonehenge

Monday 6 January 2020. This was a superb walk on a cold and overcast day in early January through an ancient and mysterious landscape. In the main we followed the National Trust’s designated walking trail. En route we passed the Cuckoo Stone and the barrows (burial mounds) of King Barrow Ridge. The final approach to […]

Maiden Castle and the Cerne Abbas Giant

Sunday 5 January 2020. On a cold, overcast day in early January 2020, having spent the morning looking for fossils at Charmouth beach, we visited Maiden Castle, a spectacular Iron Age hillfort – the largest in Britain – located just outside Dorchester in Dorset. Construction of the hillfort began sometime around 800 BC (over a […]


Thursday 2 January 2020. Avebury is a village in Wiltshire partly encircled by a huge Neolithic henge (a circular bank and inner ditch), which in turn encloses the largest stone circle in Britain. We visited this extraordinary site en route to Semley from Bobbington, stopping first at the West Kennet Avenue, pairs of standing stones […]