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Guilfoyle’s Volcano, Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne

Wednesday 28 Apr 2021. I recently visited Guilfoyle’s Volcano, an ornamental reservoir – and a triumph of form and function – located in the southeastern corner of Melbourne’s magnificent Royal Botanic Gardens. Guilfoyle’s Volcano was originally built in 1876 by William Guilfoyle, the director of the gardens at the time. The inspiration for Guilfoyle’s design […]

Jawbone Flora and Fauna Reserve and Paisley-Challis Wetland, Williamstown

Saturday 24 April 2021. Today I spent a couple of hours rambling through Jawbone Flora and Fauna Reserve and Paisley-Challis Wetland, adjoining nature reserves in Williamstown, snapping trees, birds, oil refineries etc. The sky was mostly overcast and it was cool and pleasant. There were some yachts on the water. Jawbone Flora and Fauna Reserve […]

Ocean View Walk, Moggs Creek

Friday 16 Apr 2021. During the recent school holidays we drove to Moggs Creek Picnic Area, a beautiful bushland spot in the eastern Otways hinterland just north of the Great Ocean Road hamlet of Moggs Creek. The picnic area was empty when we arrived – surprising, given the time of year, but perhaps it’s a […]