East-West Walk, You Yangs Regional Park

Sunday 6 January 2019. Located between Melbourne and Geelong, the You Yangs rise 319 metres above the Werribee Plains with startling abruptness. The Handels visit them regularly to go for walks. The 4.5 kilometre East-West Walk is possibly our favourite. Today was insanely busy; it is always better not to go during the summer holidays. The car parks were overflowing and people were everywhere. Nevertheless, once we set out (heading north on East Walk then south on West Walk; hence the East-West Walk), we encountered relatively few people. The walk is reasonably steep in parts, with scree and a number of narrow sections to challenge the less sure-footed among us. The landscape is scrubby and dry. The views are marvellous, however. After our walk we enjoyed a picnic lunch among the boulders of Big Rock Picnic Ground.

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