Jarosite Track, Ironbark Basin, Great Otway National Park

Thursday 4 July 2019. Jarosite Track is one of a number of trails within the Ironbark Basin, an area of scrubby but attractive ironbark forest that marks the easternmost extent of Great Otway National Park. The track begins at the Ironbark Basin Picnic Area (a carpark and some picnic tables), off Point Addis Rd, and snakes along the top of the basin until, after 1.5 kilometres, it meets the Jarosite Mine Track. Take this track to the right and follow it as it passes through old mine workings (little remains, but there is an old filled-in well) and meets the Jarosite Track again at the other end. Turn left and follow the Jarosite Track back to the picnic area, along the way passing the point at which you earlier turned right onto the Jarosite Mine Track. At the end of the walk you will have described a kite shape. The Handels have walked this route a number of times; it is always very pleasant.

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