A bike ride along the Via Appia Antica

Thursday 5 December 2019. Via Appia (“Appian Way”) was originally a Roman road that ran from the Roman Forum to Brindisi. Today, Via Appia Antica (“Old Appian Way”) runs within an archaeological park for some 15 kilometres from Porta San Sebastiano to Frattocchie. It is peaceful once you’ve left car traffic behind (more or less after Mausoleo di Cecilia Metella) and so perfect for cycling – precisely our intention! We began our day by taking bus 118 to the Catacombs of St Callixtus. After our visit we got back on the 118 and went as far as the stop closest to Appia Antica Cafe, from where we hired (somewhat old) bikes. We began a very lovely ride, virtually traffic free, of some four kilometres to the Mausoleo di Casal Rotondo. Not very far, but oh so perfect! We cycled back to the cafe, bought some panini, and ate them at the Mausoleo di Cecilia Metella, 300 metres back towards St Callixtus. We then walked back to the catacombs to catch the 118 back towards Trastevere. We finished the day with coffee and cakes at the very friendly 404 Name not Found.

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