Along the Contemplation Path from Absam to Gnadenwald

Wednesday 11 December 2019. The Contemplation Path (“Besinnungsweg”) is a beautiful three-kilometre trail that runs along a lower ridge of the Karwendel mountains from Absam to St Martin’s church in Gnadenwald. The trail, most of which is through forest, is marked with contemplative quotes, passages of poetry etc. The day of our walk in mid-December 2019 was cold and there was snow on the ground, but it was sunny – a perfect day really. It was the first time our younger son had seen snow, so he was tremendously excited. We caught local bus 3 to Eichat Bettelwurfsiedlung, from where it was easy to find the beginning of the path. We entered the forest; it was delightful to feel and hear our feet scrunching through snow. We stopped all the while to read the quotations. Younger son spent his time making snowballs and throwing them at trees. After an hour or so we emerged at the hamlet of St Martin and beheld the beautiful church. After that we caught the number 3 bus to Hall. It had been a perfect walk.

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