A day out in Schiltach

Wednesday 18 December 2019. Schiltach, in Germany’s Black Forest region, is possibly the most attractive town we visited during our trip to Europe and the UK. Shaped something like a fluttering ‘T’, Schiltach is spread out photogenically along the Kinzig river and its tributary the Schiltach. It boasts a rather gorgeous old town and lovely hilly backdrops on either side of the Kinzig valley. It is a convenient 35-minute direct train ride from Gengenbach. We planned to walk in the hills, to see the old town and to have coffee and cakes at Konditorei-Café Bachbeck (which didn’t disappoint). To begin our walk, we crossed to the north side of the Kinzig and headed east along Vor Kuhbach, then turned left onto the Mittelweg (one of the great long-distance paths of the Black Forest, which here runs parallel to the Kuhbach) and hiked uphill for 1.5 or so kilometres. Then we headed west, following ridge paths back down to the Kinzig. On the way down a sudden mist descended. We crossed back to the other side of the Kinzig and, upon finding that the Wasser-Bad-Design Museum was closed for the day (such a shame), instead walked up to the big cross in the hills on this side of town. What a fabulous day out!

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