O’Briens Crossing Picnic Area, Lerderderg State Park

Sunday 29 March 2020. Today the Handels travelled to the Lerderderg State Park for only the second time in 10 years. We drove to O’Briens Crossing Picnic Area, in the middle of the park, where a number of paths begin. After our picnic lunch we set out on the Circuit Walk, which follows the Lerderderg River for a short distance before turning sharply and going uphill. Since it proved to be quite short, we turned right onto Byers Track, making for the Tunnel. We never quite reached it; perhaps we took a wrong turn. As the rain began to fall, we turned around and came back along Byers Track towards the picnic area. As the rain increased umbrellas and raincoats came out and the walk became moderately treacherous, but the Handel dignity survived more or less intact. It was an altogether marvellous day out.

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