Jawbone Flora and Fauna Reserve and Paisley-Challis Wetlands, Williamstown

Sunday 5 April 2020. One wet Sunday the Handels decided to go for an excursion to Williamstown’s Jawbone Flora and Fauna Reserve and Paisley-Challis Wetlands, two of a number of coastal reserves between Williamstown and Point Cook. We parked on Mullins Ct at the end of Rifle Range Dr and began to walk along Bay Trail West, part of a network of coastal paths that connect Melbourne’s inner-bayside suburbs. Jawbone Reserve is a birders’ paradise; swamphens and moorhens wandered here and there; ducks, pigeons, willie-wagtails and many other species flitted and flapped and floated about. The path winds between newly built housing developments and recently established wetlands, past a bird hide, across bridges between islands. We threw a frisbee en route. We walked as far as the Paisley-Challis Wetlands, an old stormwater drainage site and now further habitat for birds and other creatures. As we turned to walk back again the rain began in earnest. It was lovely.

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