Werribee River Walk, Wombat State Forest

Sunday 17 May 2020. The Handels returned to the lovely, under-visited Werribee River Walk after Victoria’s coronavirus restrictions were eased. We found, unlike on other occasions, that it was almost busy – relatively speaking. On our previous visit for instance we were the only visitors (while Werribee River Gorge, en route from Melbourne, was so busy that cars were backed up along the main road; we had gone there first). Nevertheless busy here means only five or six other parties – not 200! We usually walk anticlockwise and did so again today, passing the detour to Carrolls Springs before fording the river and walking back to the picnic area on its western bank. The large eucalypts, many birds, fungi, wombat droppings and, of course, the river itself, make the Werribee River Walk a delight. Afterwards we visited the pleasant town of Gordon and enjoyed afternoon tea at the lovely little picnic ground. Werribee River Walk is reached via the Bunding–Blakeville Rd, off the Ballan–Dayleford Rd.

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