Torquay, Surf Coast

Saturday 4 July 2020. A cold winter’s day in Torquay is a delight. During summer and Easter, Torquay is insanely busy. Off-season, even during the school holidays, it is much quieter. Which means a bit more of Torquay for each visitor lucky enough to be there during this time. Today the Handels walked to Surf Beach via Taylor Park and the foreshore. In Taylor Park – or the Cocky Forest as we affectionately call it, due to the preponderance of sulphur-crested friends – we stopped at the delightful duck pond as usual to let the youngest Handel go fishing for pond weed. Not too long ago there were carp in the duck pond. They had never been there before; who knows where they came from? They didn’t last long, however: we watched a cormorant helping itself to them. No more carp. We continued on our way to the foreshore as rain clouds threatened, a magnificent spectacle across the wide horizon of the ocean, particularly when a rainbow appears. Today the ocean was choppy enough for surfers and wind-surfers. As we walked back through Taylor Park at the beginnings of dusk we were treated to a full chorus of sulphur-crested raucousness.

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