Portarlington, Bellarine Peninsula

Tuesday 7 July 2020. Sometimes when the Handels consider where to visit on the Bellarine Peninsula the question arises of which town has the best pie shop. Queenscliff is a very attractive proposition; quite apart from its other attractions, its Rolling Pin Bakery is excellent. Portarlington figures favourably too in discussions. Its bakeries cannot match the Rolling Pin, but we like the jetty, the sea life, the swifts (seasonally spotted darting about), the open lawns, the journey etc. Today Portarlington prevailed. The sky was still lowering as we drove in from Geelong, where it had been grey and drizzly. However, the deities bestowed their benevolence upon us, the rain stopped, and we enjoyed our picnic, despite the pedestrian baked goods. Afterwards we walked along the jetty, but given the overcast sky we didn’t see the usual number of sea creatures. Groups of youths, older couples and fisherfolk shared the jetty with us.

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