Red Rock, Alvie

Friday 10 July 2020. Red Rock is a dramatic volcanic site located 12 kilometres north-west of Colac, just south of the township of Alvie. It may have erupted as recently as around 8000 years ago. The Red Rock complex (it is not a single cone; indeed, according to Wikipedia, it has “at least 30 eruptive vents”) is part of a wider volcanic plain of global significance, which in turn forms part of the Kanawinka Geopark, an enormous area of volcanoes, lakes and other geological features stretching from western Victoria into South Australia. There are two lookouts on Red Rock. From the north-west lookout the views are nothing short of spectacular; we saw for instance a number of volcanic peaks across the northern horizon, including the prominent Mount Elephant. The surrounding countryside is full of bowls and protrusions, results of the same volcanism that produced Red Rock. At this time of year they are verdant and beautiful. After Red Rock we drove via Corangamite Lake Rd to Beeac, where we stopped for afternoon tea. It is an attractive little town with its own, eponymous salt lake.

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