Sandy Point Nature Reserve and the Strand, Williamstown

Friday 31 July 2020. On a gorgeous winter’s day I cycled down to Williamstown (while I still could before Melbourne’s hard lockdown) and ventured into tiny Sandy Point Nature Reserve, which abuts Greenwich Reserve at the top of the Strand. The reserve is not much more than a few mudflats with saltbush and seagulls, but it’s pretty all the same, with interesting views of the giant gantry cranes at Melbourne’s port. It’s fun to watch the shipping come and go. Continuing south along the Strand I came upon a seagull resting atop the enormous anchor next to L. E. Burgoyne Reserve. The seagull obliged me by remaining perched on its anchor while I took its portrait. It then flew off, looking for something to eat I expect. A pair of Black Swans came to say hello as I was preparing to cycle away.

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