Jawbone Flora and Fauna Reserve and Paisley-Challis Wetlands, Williamstown

Saturday 1 August 2020. Today the Handels once again visited Williamstown’s Jawbone Flora and Fauna Reserve and adjacent Paisley-Challis Wetlands. Jawbone Flora and Fauna Reserve is part of a larger network of coastal and marine habitats and is a very beautiful and interesting place to visit. A walking and cycling trail runs alongside a lake fringed by reeds, among which hide coots and ducks. The trail crosses two islands and continues to Paisley-Challis Wetlands, a reclaimed stormwater drainage area. Keep going and you’ll come to a bird hide hidden among trees, from where there are wonderful views out to sea. Another, more prominent, bird hide is found on the more westerly of the two islands in Jawbone Flora and Fauna Reserve. There are dozens of species of birds to spot. During our ramblings today we saw Royal Spoonbills (very exciting), an Eastern Great Egret (I think), as well as cormorants, coots and assorted others. My favourite, though, is the sweet little Superb Fairy Wren, of which there are many. Just before we started back for the car park we were fortunate enough to happen upon a noisy flock of Pied Stilts walking along in their amusing way. The flock rose as I photographed it – quite a spectacle.

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