Edgewater Lake, Maribyrnong

Sunday 16 August 2020. Today we explored what had been until then a largely unknown attraction, Edgewater Lake. The lake and adjoining north and south wetlands were artificially constructed on the inside of a bend in the Maribyrnong River by the developers of the nearby Edgewater estate. There are two inlets from the river to the lake, and the result is an apparent harmony of amenity and habitat. We walked to the lake along the Maribyrnong River Trail via Footscray Park, where we admired the Edwardian botanic gardens and stopped by the duck pond (rather overgrown with reeds these days). Upon arriving at the edge of the south wetland we left the river path and commenced a clockwise circuit of the lake, encountering among reeds moorhens and a rather handsome Australasian Swamphen. When we reached the lake proper we came across a pair of Maned Ducks with a brood of fluffy ducklings resting among rocks; we lingered awhile to watch them. Continuing on our way, we reached the north wetlands, and through them the river path again, where we turned south to arrive back at our starting point – a circuit of perhaps two kilometres. Then began our walk home through Footscray Park, content with our new experience.

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