A bicycle ride along the Maribyrnong River Trail

Saturday 5 September 2020. Another lockdown Saturday brought another bicycle ride along the Maribyrnong River Trail, this time to Chifley Drive Reserve – just about at the northern extent of the Handels’ five-kilometre lockdown radius. We cycled as usual through Footscray Park; the path passes under an arbour of wisteria, whose bud-clusters are just starting to flower. In two weeks’ time the spectacle will be magnificent. We turned left onto the Maribyrnong River Trail and reached Burndap Park, an area of open parkland and wetland encompassing Edgewater Lake. We rode around the west bank of the lake and rejoined the river trail at Frogs Hollow Wetlands, then took a detour through Pipemakers Park. Back on the trail again, we cycled under the Maribyrnong Road bridge and turned onto Chifley Drive; passed Coulson Gardens with its playground and resident Mr Whippy van; and arrived finally at Chifley Drive Reserve. At this quiet patch of parkland, opposite the Afton Street pedestrian bridge, we enjoyed a game of badminton in the spring sunshine. Cycling home again, the others went on ahead while I stopped en route to photograph whichever birds were prepared to stay still for long enough. A slow-moving White-faced Heron at Pipemakers Park was particularly accommodating.

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