Distillery Creek Nature Trail, Aireys Inlet

Thursday 21 January 2021. In January we visited Distillery Creek Picnic Area, a lovely spot set among ironbark trees around Distillery Creek in the Aireys Inlet hinterland. We wanted to walk the Distillery Creek Nature Trail.

The picnic area adjoining the lower car park was empty when we arrived. We chose a table and ate our lunch, enjoying the peace, then crossed Bambra Road to the upper car park and the beginning of the circular trail.

The trail winds through tall ironbarks, whose dark bark looks as though it’s been burnt. The forest was full of birdsong but the birds themselves were elusive.

We spotted a number of Rosy Hyacinth Orchids, a small and rather sweet pink-flowered plant.

The numerous interpretative signs provided valuable information.

It took us about 30 minutes to complete the trail, which is short at only a kilometre and a half but completely delightful. We finished our chai, got back in the car and returned to Torquay along the Great Ocean Road.

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