Steiglitz, Brisbane Ranges

Tuesday 5 July 2022. Today we drove from Torquay to Steiglitz, a former goldmining town on the edge of the Brisbane Ranges National Park. Today it is practically a ghost town, with just a few residents, but in the 1860s, with Victoria’s goldrush in full swing, Steiglitz had a population of some 1,500.

The old post office

The town was named (inexactly) after the von Stieglitz family, who emigrated to Australia from Ireland in the 1830s, bought the land the town was founded on, stayed for twenty years, then returned to Ireland. Gold was discovered on the land soon after and a township – Steiglitz – sprang up, grew prodigiously, then declined.

The former Scott’s Hotel

Before arriving in Steiglitz we stopped at Grahams Creek Picnic Area for lunch. Remote and lovely, the picnic area, in the midst of bush, is located within the Brisbane Ranges National Park, not far from Steiglitz. Birds chatter and trill without cease and frogs croak in the creek; dead trees are preserved for wildlife habitat.

After our picnic we drove the short distance to Steiglitz. We parked near the beautifully preserved brick courthouse building and proceeded to walk south along the Meredith-Steiglitz Rd towards the beginning of Regent St, then turned up Regent St towards St. Paul’s Church of England Church (where there are convenient toilets).

Regent St to St Paul’s Church of England Church

From St. Paul’s (which is now a hall for hire) we continued along Regent St, passing the old post office and store on our right and the former Scott’s Hotel on our left (both pictured above). Nearby is an old Golden Fleece petrol pump. Along the way, signs indicate where small businesses once were, where only foundations or even empty blocks remain.

From Regent St we turned left onto Clow St, where a weathered old house sits silent in a field.

44 Clow St

Soon we turned back onto the Meredith-Steiglitz Rd and arrived at the courthouse carpark, completing our short town loop. On previous occasions we have walked the Deadman’s Loop, a wonderful hike through the bush, where street signs lead off into trees and foundations of buildings can still be seen. But not today. We got back into the car and returned to Torquay, thoroughly satisfied.

Steiglitz-Sheoaks Rd bathed in beautiful cloudlight

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