Coogoorah Park, Anglesea

Wednesday July 6 2022. During the winter school holidays we visited Coogoorah Park in Anglesea.

Coogoorah Park is an estuarine wetland and coastal woodland reserve located along the Angelsea River. The park was created following devastating bushfires in 1983. Peat fires around the Anglesea River estuary could not be extinguished, so Council took the decision to flood the area, creating the beautiful nature and recreation reserve we have today.

Paths wind through the reeds and through the trees.

From the picnic area we began our walk. We set off through the wetland along a path that crosses a bridge, stopping at the Fluker post.

Here our shadows and the reflections of the reeds made patterns in the water.

Then we entered the woodland.

The woodland trails are quite extensive, and for a while we seemed lost.

But after some muddy encounters we emerged into the reeds somewhere to the northeast of the playground.

Walking through the reeds was very pleasant. The sun shone and little birds darted in and out, cheeping and twittering merrily.

A boardwalk carried us over the water.

We passed dead trees where birds sometimes roost and soon arrived back at the playground and picnic area.

Afternoon teas was followed by badminton. By now the sun was sinking; the light became ever more beautiful.

We packed up and drove back to Torquay. It had been a lovely afternoon out.

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