A walk to White’s Beach playground, Torquay

Saturday 9 July 2022. It is our final day in Torquay and we decide to walk to the playground on the foreshore of White’s Beach. We walk down Beach Rd to the Esplanade, cross over, then walk northeast along the Fisherman’s Beach foreshore. It is a sunny day, but cold, with dark clouds gathering. The beach is fairly busy with walkers, but few are swimming, since it is winter.

Fisherman’s Beach from the foreshore

Fisherman’s Beach is popular as a dog-walking beach.

Walking the dog

We come to the colourful sundial, which lies on the foreshore just west of the Deep Creek outflow. The sundial is made of more than 100,000 mosaic pieces and tells Wadawurrung (alternatively Wathaurung or Wathaurong) dreaming stories.

Fisherman’s Beach sundial

Meanwhile, a lone seagull wheels overhead and hangs in the air.

Lone seagull

We continue eastwards, towards the playground. The foreshore combines nature reserve with open recreation areas. Joggers pass by.

It is perfect for strolling.

Fisherman’s Beach foreshore towards the White’s Beach playground

Before long we arrive at the playground, which is set amid trees and shrubs that conceal trilling and chattering wrens, honeyeaters and others. They emerge briefly then dart off. Occasionally they stay still long enough to be photographed.

To the north the clouds look ominous, but it does not rain.

The playground is excellent, with a flying fox, swings, climbing frames, toilets, picnic tables and a BBQ area. The kids enjoy the flying fox.

After an hour or so we walk back to the house via the Esplanade and Beach Rd, arriving in good time for afternoon tea and a game of Scrabble.

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